Monday, May 31, 2010

Grayce's Room

I LOVE Grayce's room. It started six years ago, when we first moved in, and I wanted to paint the room the perfect shade of pale blue for little Matthew. This was the first time we were able to choose what color to paint our walls! The room instantly became the most peaceful room in the house, with that beautiful shade of blue.

The boys moved to our third bedroom, and the blue room became Grayce's when she was born. It transferred seamlessly to a girls room. Now we are moving to an apartment with walls that are some shade of beige.... and we need to sell much that is in Grayce's room: her beautiful white crib that I traded for a photo shoot, the turquoise tufted velvet chair that I LOVE, her beautiful crib bedding, her pretty white curtains with the pom-pom trim.

So I'm in Grayce's room, taking pictures for Craigslist (although she doesn't know I'm taking pictures to SELL her stuff), and I got a few cute pics of Grayce in her room for our last week here. So precious! I'm going to miss this room....

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